Author & Illustrator

Gregery Miller is a professional artist, writer, and designer. He has been developing a universe with his art and writing since he was in high school. You can see a bit of this in his original fantasy comic series, The Tales of Reverie. Gregery works at The Society of Illustrators in New York which is the oldest organization dedicated to the art of illustration in America. Soon he will also be working with Titmouse Animation as a background layout artist on a new cartoon. 
Gregery's personal artwork is inspired by growing up surrounded by nature, fantasy, scifi, mythology, dreams and folklore. Throughout his career so far he has worked with many clients including Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, Hitpoint Games, Disney, Microsoft, Radiodiaries Podcast, and Transistor Studios. In 2016 he taught comics and animation in Boston Public Schools with the STARS grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. That same year Gregery accepted an Assets for Artists Residency in The Studios at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art where he was the first artist to ever produce a comic in the program.

Gregery's artistic goals have stayed the same throughout his life and have only grown stronger with each new experience he has. He is constantly developing his Tales of Reverie universe and is actively seeking a publisher. You can learn more about this on the Patreon campaign or more about his other work on his personal website.